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Social Economy Sector Survey - 2018
Issue year: 2020


Statistics Portugal launched, in June 2019, the Social Economy Sector Survey (SESS), a new statistical operation within the scope of the National Statistical System (NSS), which emerged following the realization, in 2017, of the Management Practices Survey (MPS) of non-financial companies.

The survey questions resulted from the work developed with the partnership of CASES-Cooperativa António Sérgio para a Economia Social.

The first results of this survey were released on 27 November 2019, on the European Social Economy Day, in the STATSlab area of this Portal, corresponding to statistics under development, since they were essentially focused on the analysis of the management practices of social economy entities.

The publication is the development of the results of the Social Economy Sector Survey, enabling, in addition to the analysis of management practices, the dissemination of other types of information that allow a more detailed characterization of the sector, namely in terms of the activities developed, internal composition, relations with public and private sector entities, indicators for measuring the social impact of these entities and its financing structure.

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