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Transport and communications statistics - 2021
Issue year: 2022

In this publication Statistics Portugal disseminates the main statistical data regarding the activity of Transport and Communications sectors in 2021.

Railway transport: data presented are the result of surveys conducted by Statistics Portugal about rail infrastructures and transport equipment, economic information on companies and data concerning heavy and light railway transport, including energy consumption. Road transport: statistics cover road infrastructures, stock of vehicles presumably in circulation, vehicles registration and sales of vehicles (now including second-hand units), driving licenses issued, fuel consumption, road accidents, as well as results from the surveys on road freight transport and on road transport of passengers. Maritime and inland waterways transport: the main statistical findings now presented are obtained from the surveys addressed to port administrations on the movement of ships, goods and passengers, as well as in what concerns inland waterways transport of passengers and vehicles. Air transport: includes data on the activity of companies licensed in Portugal, and also detailed results from air traffic in airports and aerodromes, as well as data on infrastructures and air navigation control. Pipeline transport: statistics are based on data provided by the enterprises operating with oil and gas pipelines. Communications: covers data on telecommunications and postal services.

This publication also includes a chapter on the economic context and another one dedicated to statistics on international trade by modes of transport.

This edition presents the results separately in .xlsx and .csv files.

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Instituto Nacional de Estatística - Estatísticas dos Transportes e Comunicações : 2021. Lisboa : INE, 2022. Available at www: <url:>. ISSN 0377-2292. ISBN 978-989-25-0616-6