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Statistical Yearbook of Portugal - 2009
Issue year: 2010


The Statistical Yearbook of Portugal 2009 (SYB 2009) is composed of 28 sub-chapters grouped into four major themes — Territory, People, Economic Activity and State — and includes a CD-ROM.

Prior to every sub-chapter, the SYB 2009 presents an overall review intended to provide an all-encompassing view of the country, in terms of social, economic and demographic features in 2009. Each sub-chapter analyses the trend of the main indicators, illustrated by charts allowing for the immediate understanding of information. After that, tables present a brief series at NUTS 1 and 2 levels, which enables immediately compare data and developments in the phenomena portrayed.

Statistics on economic activities are fully in line with the NACE-Rev. 2 which replaced NACE-Rev. 1.1.

The CD-ROM that accompanies the SYB 2009 includes a PDF file with the contents of the hard copy of the publication, as well as all the statistical tables with extended time series (1990-2009) in Excel format.
It also includes metadata associated with each sub-chapter: concepts, definitions, classifications, indicators and calculation formulae.

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