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The territorial profile is a focal point of access to territorial statistics and supports the understanding of how the Portuguese territory is structured. This project aims at meeting the growing need for this type of information, due to the increasingly more relevant role that territorial development policies play in the national and European political agenda. The territorial profile is organised into three themes: indicator systems, territorial units and reference documents.

Indicator systems are aimed at making available structured sub-sets of information targeted at specific problems or at policy monitoring. Information in each system is associated with functionalities enabling the construction of thematic cartography, the display of tabulated information and the export of results.   Indicators systems  Territorial units aim at presenting the most relevant territorial divisions in Portugal, used for statistical purposes, making available three functionalities: displaying the territorial unit required through the Geographic Information System of Statistics Portugal and accessing nomenclatures of territorial units through the Statistics Portugal's Metadata System.   Territorial units  Enables access to reference documents for territorial statistics in the fields of spatial planning and regional development, within both the national and international scope, produced by Statistics Portugal or other entities.   Reference documents  Links of interest   Links of interest