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Is there information on separate waste collection on the Statistics Portugal portal?


Yes, information on the separate waste collection is available on the Portal> Products:

·         Database> Theme: Environment > Subtheme: Waste — contains several indicators with information on the proportion of municipal waste collected separately, i.e., the proportion of collected municipal waste that is subject to separate deposition by the holder for recycling (e.g.: “vidrões” and “ecopontos”). In addition, data on municipal waste collected separately per inhabitant, with information at the municipal level, is available.


It should be noted that the information from the selected indicator tables can be changed through the option “Change selection conditions”, namely the reference period of the information and the geographical location.


Examples of indicators:

·         Proportion of separately collected municipal waste (%) by geographical location (NUTS — 2013); Annual”.

·         Municipal waste separately collected per inhabitant (kg/hab.) by geographical location (NUTS — 2013); Annual”.


·         Publications> Theme: Environment> Environment Statistics — annual publication with an evolutionary analysis of the environment in Portugal. It includes a thematic chapter on “Waste”.


For more information on the indicators released, see the Portal> Products> Metainformation System> Methodological documentation> Theme: Environment, the Methodological Document for Urban Waste Statistics.