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2021 Census: occupations and educational qualifications
2021 - occupations and educational qualifications
2021 Census: occupations and educational qualifications
23 May 2023


Based in 2021 Census data (XVI General Population Census and VI General Housing Census) Statistics Portugal presents a portrait of the employed population in terms of professional groups and levels of education, complemented with an analysis of the dimensions age and sex.

In the last decade, there was simultaneously an improvement of the level of the education and a significant growth of two very different professional groups. There was a growth of the occupation with the highest qualification – "Intellectual and scientific activities specialists" – and, simultaneously, the one that requires the lowest level – "Not skilled workers".

The "Information and communications technology specialists (ICT)" related occupations saw their importance reinforced, with the following professions standing out: "Information and communications technology service directors ", "Software, Web and applications developers and analysts" and "Database and network specialists", where the employed population more than doubled.

Between 2011 and 2021, there was an increase in the employed population with higher education in all occupational groups, in particular "Legislative power and executive bodies representatives, leaders, directors and executive managers" (18.6 p.p.), "Clerical support workers" (11.8 p.p.) and "Technicians and associate professionals" (11.2 p.p.).

According to the 2021 Census, the average age of the employed population was 44.2 years old, which represented an increase of 2.8 years compared to 2011. Among the older-aged professional groups, "Teachers" stood out with an average age of 48.7 years old and particularly the sub-group "Basic (2º and 3º stage) and secondary education teacher" with an average age of 50.2 years old.

In the last decade, the employment feminisation rate has increased slightly in the professional group "Legislative power and executive bodies representatives, leaders, directors and executive managers", from 33.9% to 36.7%.

On Statistics Portugal's Official Statistics Website, and accessible through a wide range of products, the 2021 Census Final Results provide an extensive set of information, granting access to characterise the country in terms of different dimensions of population, households and housing.

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