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Regional statistical yearbooks
Regional Statistical Yearbooks - Regional and Municipal Statistical Data - 2020
15 December 2021


Statistics Portugal releases the Regional Statistical Yearbooks, which include a wide range of statistical information at regional and municipal levels. From the topics analysed in this press release it is important to highlight:

Construction and housing: in 2020, 45 municipalities, located mainly in Algarve and Área Metropolitana de Lisboa, scored median house prices of dwellings sales above the national value (1 188 €/m2). Lisboa (3 377 €/m2), Cascais (2 787 €/m2), Oeiras (2 353 €/m2), Loulé (2 286 €/m2), Porto (2 142 €/m2), Albufeira (2 026 €/m2) and Lagos (2 016 €/m2) registered values above 2 000 €/m2.

Tourism: in a context of decreasing demand for tourist accommodation, in 2020, the number of nights in tourism accommodation per 100 inhabitants was less than half of that recorded in the previous year in 114 municipalities. Of this set, the municipalities of Machico (-83.7%), Ribeira Brava (-80.4%), Ourém (-77.9%), Vila Franca do Campo (-77.7%), Ponta Delgada (-76.2%) and Lisbon (-75.2%) stand out.

Regional and local government: in 72 out of the 308 Portuguese municipalities, the municipalities’ own-source receipt represented more than half of the total of receipts from non-financial transactions in 2020, with the municipalities of Lisboa (89.9%), Loulé (88.1%), Lagoa (87.3%) and Albufeira (85.9%) scoring higher values.

Political Participation: Área Metropolitana de Lisboa and Algarve registered the highest abstention rates in the 2021 vote for the Municipal Councils. The municipalities of Sintra (59.9%), Loulé (59.6%) and Olhão (59.1%) had the highest rates.

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