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63% of enterprises have a website
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63% of enterprises have a website - 2018
21 November 2018


In 2018, 98% of enterprises with 10 or more persons employed have access to the Internet and 67% connect using mobile broadband. The penetration rate for mobile broadband is higher in Information and communication activities (89%), and lower in Accommodation and food service activities (50%).
In the same year, 63% of enterprises with 10 or more persons employed report having a website of their own or the economic group they belong, 11 pp more than in 2010 (52%). The majority provide a description of goods or services or price lists (69%) or links or references to the enterprises’ social media (51%).
On the other hand, 16% of the enterprises under review pay to advertise on the Internet, using webpages’ content or keywords searched on the Internet (75%), tracking of internet users’ past profiles or activities (42%) or based on their geolocation (35%).
In 2018, 8% of the enterprises use robots in their activity, mainly in Industry and energy (17%). Almost ¼ of large enterprises (23%) use industrial robots or service robots.
In 2017, 13% of the enterprises reported having analyzed Big Data, mainly based on geolocation data from the use of portable devices (54%) or data generated from digital media (52%).

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