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Resident Population decline slowed down
Resident population estimates
Resident Population decline slowed down - 2017
15 June 2018


The resident population in Portugal at 31 December 2017 was estimated at 10,291,027 persons (18,546 fewer than in 2016). This results in a negative crude rate of total population change of -0.18%, maintaining the trend of population decline, despite its attenuation in comparison to recent years.
The slowdown of the population decrease in 2017 resulted from a positive net migration (+4,886) after six years of negative values. The natural increase remained negative (-23,432) and very close to that of 2016 (-23,409).
Demographic ageing in Portugal continues to rise: compared to 2016, the population under the age of 15 fell to 1,423,896 (-18,520), and the population aged 65 and over increased to 2,213,274 (+36,634), representing 13.8% and 21.5% of the total population, respectively; the oldest population (aged 85 and over) was estimated at 297,538 (+11,922).
In 2017, the mean age of the resident population in Portugal stood at 44.2 years, an increase of about 3.1 years in the last decade.
In the future, the demographic ageing will continue to increase and the population will keep declining. Portugal will lose population until 2080, from the present 10.3 to 7.7 million residents, falling below the threshold of 10 million in 2033. The population aged under 15 will decline from 1.4 to 0.9 million and the number of elderly will increase from 2.2 to 2.8 million.


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