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Excessive Deficit Procedure (1ST notification for 2018)
Excessive deficit procedure
Excessive Deficit Procedure (1ST notification for 2018) - 2018
26 March 2018


According to EU regulations, Statistics Portugal presents the first notification for 2018 associated with the Excessive Deficit Procedure (EDP) sent to Eurostat . According to these provisional results, the net borrowing of General Government (GG) in 2017 amounted to € 5 709.4 million, corresponding to 3.0% of GDP (2.0% in 2016). This balance includes the effect of the recapitalisation process of Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD), in the amount of € 3 944 million, implying an increase in net borrowing of 2.0% of GDP2. Gross debt of GG amounted to 125.7% of GDP in 2017.

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