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Capital stock corresponded to 343% of GDP
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Capital stock corresponded to 343% of GDP - 2015
24 November 2017


The estimated value of the capital stock of the Portuguese economy was 616 thousand million Euros in 2015, equivalent to 343% of GDP. Compared with 2000, the first year of the available data series, this indicator presented a nominal growth of 55.9%, corresponding to an average annual rate of change of 3.0%.
In 2015, about 92% of fixed assets corresponded to construction assets, with housing accounting for 42 percentage points and other buildings 50 percentage points.
Households held the largest share of the fixed assets stock (39.7% in 2015 and 49.5% in 2000), followed by non-financial corporations and general government with 33.1% and 22.8% respectively (27.5% and 20,0% in 2000, in the same order).
In 2014, the most recent year for which Eurostat published data for a significant number of European countries, Portugal was the fifth country with the highest capital stock per unit of GDP (350%) behind Austria, Hungary, Italy and Greece, and ahead of France, Germany and Finland.

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