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In 2014, 10.1 million of hospitalisation days
World Health Day - 7 April
In 2014, 10.1 million of hospitalisation days - 2004 - 2014
06 April 2016


• In 2014 half of the hospitals were under the administrative supervision of the State and of universal access
• Emergency service care in private hospitals increased
• The number of beds in official hospitals declined
• Almost three quarters of major and medium surgeries were held in official hospitals
• In 2014 there were 1/4 less birth deliveries than in 2004
• Almost 31% of total deaths in 2014 were caused by diseases of the circulatory system and and 25% by malignant neoplasms
• Deaths from HIV/AIDS affected mostly men
• More than half of the population aged 18 or more years was overweighted or obese
• In 10 years outpatient medical appointments and complementary diagnostic and therapeutic procedures mainly increased in private hospital
• Infant mortality declined by more than 40%, neonatal mortality by almost 40% and foetal deaths by almost 30%
• More than 50% of current health expenditure was funded by the National Health Service and the Regional Health Services of the Autonomous Regions between 2012 and 2014

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