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In 2014 growth in the NUTS II regions ranged from  0.4% to 1.0%
Regional accounts
In 2014 growth in the NUTS II regions ranged from 0.4% to 1.0% - 2014
17 December 2015


Statistics Portugal starts the release of the series of Regional Accounts according to the new classification of territorial units for statistics, NUTS 2013, including final results for the years 2012 and 2013 and preliminary results for 2014. This new geography keeps unchanged the territorial delimitation of the NUTS II but changed the number and delimitation of NUTS III regions.
In terms of NUTS II, according to preliminary results of 2014, the Autonomous Region of Madeira presented the least expressive growth in real terms (0.4%). The regions of Centro (0.8%) and Alentejo (0.7%) were slightly lower than the country increases (0.9%) in real terms, while the remaining regions presented a real increase of 1.0%.
In 2013, the greater asymmetry of GDP per capita, at NUTS III level, was between the region of Área Metropolitana de Lisboa (137.1) and the region of Tâmega and Sousa (61.9). Comparing with the results in the previous classification of territorial units for statistics (NUTS 2002), there is a smaller regional disparity in per capita GDP, mainly as a result of the aggregation of the regions of Península de Setúbal (75.1) and Grande Lisboa (163.2) in NUTS 2002, giving rise to Área Metropolitana de Lisboa.

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