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Large companies and the crisis
Enterprises in Portugal
Large companies and the crisis - 2008 - 2012
18 July 2014

In spite of representing just 0.3% of the total companies in 2012, large companies (LC) were responsible for 28.5% of the persons employed and over 40% of the turnover and GVA generated in the non-financial sector. During the economic crisis that started by the end of 2008, LC have resisted better to its effects than SME. In fact, the existing LC in 2012 showed an increased average size, turnover per company and capacity to generate GVA comparing with 2008. Uncommonly, from 2008 to 2012, the average monthly salary has grown more among SME than LC.
In spite of the relevance of LC in Portugal, information available (2011) reveals that, in most European countries, the relative weight of these companies is even larger.

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