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Fertility Survey
Fertility Survey
Fertility Survey - 2013
30 June 2014

The Fertility Survey 2013, made available today, presents a comprehensive analysis of the results from the Fertility Survey, conducted between January and April 2013, in a partnership between Statistics Portugal and the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation.
The fertility survey had its genesis in the desire to contribute to increase the knowledge of Fertility in Portugal, reporting on the number of children that women and men have, think or wish to have throughout their lives, and about the underlying motives and constraints regarding fertility. The data collected and now published in this volume represents women of childbearing age residing in Portugal aged 18 to 49 years old, and men living in Portugal with ages between 18 and 54 years old, considered to be the ages when men are more likely to have children.
The results of the Fertility Survey call for an in-depth analysis about fertility behavior of women and men, as well as perceptions and social, economical and other sources of constraints that influence the decision to have or not have children.

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