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Upward trend in guests, overnight stays and revenue - January 2014
19 March 2014


Tourism accommodation establishments recorded 1.7 million overnight stays in January 2014, which corresponds to a 10.1%  year-on-year growth (+8.6% in December 2013). For this outcome there was the contribution of both residents, with a 9.6% increase in overnight stays (+6.1% in December) and non residents, that in January kept the 10.3% growth registered in December. Amongst the main inbound markets, emphasis is given to the increases in overnight stays of guests from Ireland, France and Brazil.
Revenue also increased when compared with January 2013 (+6.4% in total revenue and +7.6% in revenue from accommodation) but less than guests and overnight stays and at a slower pace comparing with the growth of December (+11.1% and +11.5%, respectively).

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