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Regional accounts
Regional accounts - 2005
25 January 2008

In 2005, the regions Norte (1%), Lisbon (1,2%), Autonomous Region of Madeira (2%), Autonomous Region of Azores (2,1%) and the Algarve (2,7%) presented higher economic growth rates than the national average rate (0,9%). Centro region performed a lower rate (0,2%) and Alentejo performed a negative variation (-0,9%). Nominal Gross Fixed Capital Formation grew significantly in the Autonomous Region of Azores and in the Norte region, and grew at more moderate pace in Centro and Algarve, in both cases, above the national average (1,6%). It decreased in the other regions. The region of Lisbon has shown the highest nominal increase rate in Household¿s Gross Disposable Income (5,5%), higher than the national increase (3,7%). Quite a different situation was presented by Alentejo with slight increase (1,1%) resulting, in a large extent, from the impact of the negative evolution of agriculture in this region on the primary income.
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