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People - 2021
Pocket book containing statistical data organized in the following areas: Population, Education, Culture and Sports, Health, Labour Market, Social Protection and Income and Living Conditions. ...

Issue year: 2023

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Income statistics at local level - 2020
Statistics Portugal releases the Income statistics at the local level based on anonymized fiscal data from the Tax and Customs Authority (AT) related to the Settlement note of Personal Income Tax (IRS – Modelo 3), obtained under an agreement between AT and SP. The results presented in this ...

Issue year: 2022

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Prevalence rate of moderate or severe food insecurity (%) of resident population; Annual 25-05-2023 Portugal
At-risk-of-poverty rate (Before pensions and social transfers - %) by Sex and Age group; Annual 20-05-2023 Portugal
Proportion of households owning sight or saving accounts (%); Irregular 03-03-2023 Portugal
Proportion of households owning current accounts (%); Irregular 03-03-2023 Portugal
Proportion of the resident population having neither a bath, nor a shower, nor indoor flushing toilet (%) by Poverty status; Annual 04-02-2023 Portugal