Conference Venue

Ministry of Finance
Address: Av. Infante D. Henrique nº 1
1149-009 Lisboa – Portugal


Conference Room: Great Hall

After the Lisbon earthquake of 1755, a large building around ‘Praça do Comércio’ square was built to replace the old Royal Palace and the Customs, which had vanished in the big fire that followed the earthquake and destroyed part of the town.

The Great Hall, where the meeting takes place, is located in the first floor of the eastern wing “Torreão”, which used to be occupied in the 50’s by the “Court of Auditors”.

In this impressive room one may admire a triptych, painted by Martins Barata (1959), and two paintings by José Almada Negreiros (1956). Stained glass works by Carlos Calvet may also be seen in the ceiling.


Ministério das Finanças
Morada: Av. Infante D. Henrique nº 1
1149-009 Lisboa – Portugal


Sala da Conferência: Salão Nobre

O Ministério das Finanças ocupa, ainda hoje, parte do monumental conjunto arquitetónico implantado, após o terramoto de 1755, na zona ribeirinha de Lisboa.

O imponente Salão Nobre do Ministério, onde têm lugar diversos eventos, fica situado no 1º piso do Torreão da ala Este que, nos anos 50, albergou o Tribunal de Contas.

As pinturas existentes neste espaço são da autoria de Martins Barata (tríptico de 1959) e de José Almada Negreiros (dois painéis de 1956).

No vitral do teto, da autoria de Carlos Calvet, pode ler-se “contas certas por direito certo”.

INE Head Office is considered one of the most important examples of the so called “Estado Novo” Portuguese style, and combines classicism – inspired by Art Deco and Viennese Secession – with modernity.

Two high reliefs by the Sculptor Leopoldo de Almeida adorn the main façade. One alludes to agriculture and demography and the other to trade and industry.

Inside, stands out a stained glass window painted by Abel Manta whose central theme is the homeland – a multiracial society - surrounded by the national activities. In the centre stands the Fatherland´s figure and a card, written in Latin – "Ad divitias per scientiam numerorum" – whose message remains updated: “to prosper, by knowing the numbers”.

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