SYNTHESIS [email protected], 8 Oct -2020

October . 08 . 2020 SYNTH SIS IN @ COVID-19 page 14/14 Communication Unit | tel: +351 21 842 61 10 | [email protected] Press Releases Reference period Release date Press releases between 05-10-2020 and 09-10-2020: Business turnover, employment, wage and hours worked indices in industry August 2020 08 October 2020 New housing construction cost index August 2020 08 October 2020 Environmentally related taxes and fees 2019 09 October 2020 International trade statistics August 2020 09 October 2020 Indices of Production, Employment and Wages in Construction August 2020 09 October 2020 Statistics Portugal started on 3 April 2020 the release of the “Statistics [email protected] Synthesis” series of highlights, aiming to provide a summary aggregation of some of the most relevant official statistical results released each week. These reports are intended to facilitate the access to data which allow monitoring of the social and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic by decision-makers from public and private entities as well as the general public.