Desporto em Números / Sport in Numbers - 2021

DESPORTO EM NÚMEROS \ 47 SPORTS ACTIVITY: Activity which requires physical and mental effort, with or without competition, aims at the well being of the individual and is performed in the spare time, such as running, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, skiing, roller skating or skateboarding, gymnastics, practicing fitness, water sports or ball games, among others. SPORTS ASSOCIATION: Non-profit association which aims at the promotion and organization of physical and sports activities with recreational, formative or social purposes, among others. SPORTS CLUB: Private legal entity established as an non-profit association, which objective is the promotion and direct practice of sports activities SPORTS COACH: Person who is responsible for the training and orientation for competition of sports practitioners, as well as for the technical framework of a sports activity, carrying out the activity: 1) as an exclusive or main profession, thereby earning a remuneration; 2) on a regular, seasonal or occasional basis, regardless of earning a remuneration. Note: the activity of sports coach requires specific professional qualification. SPORTS FACILITY: Built space or set of spaces resulting from fixed and permanent construction, organized for the practice of sports activities, that includes areas of practice and the attached areas for support services and complementary facilities. SPORTS FEDERATION: Legal person established as a non-profit association, encompassing sport clubs or limited sport company, territorial scope associations, professional leagues (if existent), practitioners, technicians, judges and referees, and other entities, that promotes, practices or contributes to the development of a sport, and fills, cumulatively, the following requirements: 1) aims, in accordance with their statutes, to pursue, among others the following general objectives: a) promote, regulate and direct, at national level, the practice of a sport or a set of associated sports; b) represent before the Public Administration the interests of its members; c) represent its sport, or set of associated sports, before the international sports organizations, as well to secure the competitive participation of national teams; 2) has the statute of public sport utility. SPORTS INFRASTRUCTURE: Vide SPORTS FACILITY SPORTS PRACTITIONER: Person who, individually or as part of a team, develops a planned physical and sports activity, organized and repeated, with the objective of preserving or improving one or more components of physical fitness or sports performance. SUPPORT GRANTED: Financial amount granted to an entity through sports development program contracts, which is determined after confirmation of the amounts paid and the changes arising from amendments and refunds. TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: Technician who assumes the direction and the responsability for sports activities in the facilities that provide sports services in physical condition (fitness), namely gyms and heath clubs, regardless of the adopted designation and exploitation form. Note: the activity of technical director assumes specific professional qualification.