Desporto em Números / Sport in Numbers - 2021

46 / SPORT IN NUMBERS 2. Concepts ATHLET: Vide FEDERATED SPORTS PRATICTIONER COMPETITION CLASS: Level of a scale for sports competitions that groups praticionners according to age ranges. COMPETITIVE SCALE: Vide COMPETITION CLASS FEDERATED SPORT: Sport developed within the scope of sports federations and their associated organizations or their representatives, aiming to achieve the best results in view of high performance. FEDERATED SPORTS PRACTITIONER: Sports practitioner enrolled in a federation. Note: enrolment is proven by mandatory sports insurance for all federated practitioners. HIGH COMPETITION: Vide HIGH PERFORMANCE HIGH PERFORMANCE: Sports practice aiming to obtain rankings and results of excellence, measured according to international sports standards, being the object of specific support measures. HIGH PERFORMANCE REFEREE: International referee that, fulfilling the established legal criteria, is enrolled in the Registry of High Performance Sports Agents. HIGH PERFORMANCE SPORT: Vide FEDERATED SPORT HIGH PERFORMANCE SPORTS PRACTITIONER: Sports practitioner that aims to obtain results of excellence, measured according to international sports standards, is subject to specific measures of support and, fulfilling legal criteria, is enrolled in the Registry of High Performance Sports Agents. PHYSICAL EXERCISE: Exercise performed in leisure time, which main purpose is the recreation and occupation of time, such as walking, cycling, dancing and gardening. PHYSICAL EXERCISE TECHNICIAN: Technician responsible for guiding and conducting of sports activities taking place on the premises of sports facilities that provide sports services in the area of physical maintenance (fitness), namely gyms, heathclubs, regardless of the adopted designation and exploitation form. Note: the activity of physical exercise technician assumes specific professional qualification and includes the activity of fitness instructor among others. PROFESSIONAL LICENSE: Document issued by the competent entity that authorizes the exercise of a certain professional activity in sport (Sports Coach, Physical Technician or Technical Director), whose exercise conditions and access routes are defined in the legislation in force. REFEREE: Person who performs functions of decision-making, consultation or supervision throughout sport competitions, aiming for the compliance with the technical rules of sports. SPORT: All forms of physical activities that, through organized participation or not, aim at the expression or improvement of physical and mental condition, the development of social relationships or the achievement of results in competition at all levels. SPORTS EMPLOYMENT: All persons employed that are engaged in productive activity within the scope of sports occupations and/or activities, with the following characteristics:1) have sports occupations and work in activities considered sportive; 2) have sports occupations and work in activities considered non sportive; 3) have non-sports occupations and work in sports activities. SPORTS ACTIVITIES: Activities covering the activities of exploration and management of any type of sports facilities, the activities of sports clubs (professional, semi-professional or amateurs) and sports limited companies; the activities of sports federations, club leagues and other bodies regulating sports activities; physical maintenance activities in gyms and the like; the activities of producers and promoters of sporting events with or without facilities, of independent athletes and referees, as well as recreational and sporting hunting and fishing activities, among others.