Monthly Statistical Bulletin, April 2022

2022 Edition 26 Municipalities Of the 24 municipalities with more than 100 thousand inhabitants, all those in the metropolitan areas of Lisboa and Porto, except Gondomar and Santa Maria da Feira, recorded median house prices above the national average (€1,355/m2), with the emphasis on: • Lisboa: €3,723/m2; • Cascais: €3,216/m2. Of the 17 municipalities in the metropolitan areas with more than 100 thousand inhabitants, five registered year-on-year rates of change higher than the national rate (+14.1%): • Oeiras: +15.0%; • Gondomar: +14.5%; • Seixal: +14.4%; • Matosinhos: +14.3%; • Cascais: +14.2%. Among municipalities with more than 100,000 inhabitants outside metropolitan areas: • Funchal was the only one to show both a higher median price (€1,967/m2) and a year-on-year growth (+22.5%) above those registered for the country as a whole; • Coimbra recorded a median sales value (€1,418/m2) above the national figure; • Leiria registered year-on-year growth in median prices (+15.4%) higher than the country as a whole. More information is available at: House price statistics at the local level – 4th quarter of 2021 21 April 2022