Monthly Statistical Bulletin, April 2022

2022 Edition 18 MONTHLY STATISTICAL BULLETIN More information is available at: International trade statistics – February 2022 8 April 2022 Considering the current war between Russia and Ukraine and the related requests for data that Statistics Portugal has been trying to respond to, a summary of the available data on Portugal's transactions with these countries is presented. Between 2017 and 2021, on average: • Portugal's transactions with Ukraine accounted for 0.1% of national exports and 0.3% of national imports; • Portugal's trade with Russia corresponded to 0.3% of exports and 1.5% of imports; In 2021: • Ukraine was the main supplier of Maize (corn) to Portugal: 34.7% of national imports of this product. In the European Union context, only the Netherlands had a percentage of Maize imports from Ukraine (39,7%) higher than Portugal; • The main products imported from Russia were Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals (excl. crude) (16.3%) and Natural gas, liquefied (16.6%), in lower quantities than the EU average (17.5% and 33.5% respectively). International trade in goods with Ukraine Average weights of the main groups of products, 2017-2021 International trade in goods with Russia Average weights of the main groups of products, 2017-2021 Wood and cork 17.4% Agricultural products 15.1% Machinery and mechanical appliances 13.0% Food products 12.6% Footwear 11.5% Other 30.3% Mineral fuels 72.6% Chemical products 7.7% Base metals 6.9% Agricultural products 6.9% Wood and cork 2.2% Other 3.7% Exports Exports Imports Imports Machinery and mechanical appliances 24.5% Wood and cork 17.5% Food products 10.8% Base metals 9.8% Agricultural products 7.9% Other 29.5% Agricultural products 73.5% Base metals 19.1% Machinery and mechanical appliances 1.4% Food products 1.2% Wood and cork 1.1% Other 3.8%