Monthly Statistical Bulletin, April 2022

2022 Edition 16 MONTHLY STATISTICAL BULLETIN Bank appraisals on housing increased by €1,331 per square metre In March 2022, the median value of bank appraisals was €1,331 per m2, €17 (1.3%) more than in February. The largest increase, when compared to the previous month, was registered in Alentejo (2.8%), while Algarve registered the only declining month-on-month rate of change (-0.6%). In comparison with the same period of the previous year, the median value of the bank appraisals increased by 12.1% (11.9% in February). The largest increase was registered in Algarve (16.4%) and the lowest occurred in Alentejo (8.0%). Median value of bank appraisals – March 2022 Apartments and houses (euros/m2) In March, the number of bank appraisals reported, which supports the results presented, was around 32 thousand, up 23.5% over the same month of the previous year. It should be noted that this evolution is likely to be influenced by a base effect resulting from the worsening, in the first months of 2021, of the containment measures associated with the pandemic situation. When considering the reported evaluations: • About 20,700 concerned apartments; • 11,400 referred to houses. In comparison with the previous month, there were 3,362 more bank appraisals (+11.7%). The analysis by type of dwelling reveals that in March 2022, year-on-year, the median bank appraisal value: • Concerning apartments, it increased by 13.5%, to €1,476/m2; • Regarding houses, it grew by 7.5%, to €1,067/m2. In March 2022, when compared to the previous month, the median bank appraisal: • Concerning apartments: » T2: it went up by €13, to €1,505/m2; » T3: it increased by €17, to €1,316/m2; These two types represented 80.2% of the apartment appraisals carried out; • Regarding houses: » T2: it grew by €46, to €1,047/m2; » T3: it increased by €19, to €1,045/m2; » T4: it went up by €5, to €1,104/m2; These three types accounted for 88.8% of the appraisals made on houses. More information is available at: Survey on bank evaluation on housing – March 2022 27 April 2022 €1,476 €1,067 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 RAMadeira RAAçores Algarve Alentejo AM Lisboa Centro Norte Portugal Houses Apartments