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Statistical data are a key asset in today society, and an essential tool in supporting the most relevant decision-making processes, both at the public and private level, and in carrying out analyses and research.
Statistical data are therefore of great interest to public and private decision-makers, politicians, economic agents, analysts and researchers, paving the way for all individuals to gain more awareness of their citizenship.
Data dissemination, which is a key stage of statistical activity, is instrumental in implementing and highlighting strict compliance with the mission of statistical authorities.
The Dissemination policy of Statistics Portugal lays down the fundamental principles governing the dissemination of official statistics, directly or indirectly produced under its responsibility. It should have as main reference the applicable principles of the National Statistical System: technical independence, statistical confidentiality, impartiality and accessibility.
In accordance with provision 15, Chapter B regarding the release of Official Statistics contained in the Dissemination Policy "there may be cases where prior access to official statistical data is granted, subject to an embargo". This access has been granted (in what concerns Press Releases, with an embargo of around 12 hours) to the following entities: President of the Republic, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of State and Finance, Minister in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister and for Regional Development, Minister of Economy, Secretary of State of Administrative Reform and also to the Madeira and Azores Regional Directorates of Statistics, when data allow for NUTS 2 breakdown.

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