Statistics Portugal INE - RA2009

The dissemination of the RA09 with agricultural producers, data users and the general population is key to ensuring a high level of acceptance and participation of all intervening parties.

Communication initiatives for the RA09 are firstly targeted at:

  1. facilitating responses, by informing farmers on the conduct of the Agricultural Census, raising their awareness as far as their collaboration is concerned, so as to ensure the highest possible level of acceptance, motivation to respond and rigour in the information provided.

    and in parallel,
  2. promoting the Agricultural Census with data users, enhancing the consequent use of results;
  3. promoting the institutional image of Statistics Portugal, for the benefit of the range of field statistical operations.

To promote the operation, Statistics Portugal will resort to the following methods and dissemination media:

  • General advertising campaign using television and national and local radios;
  • Dissemination in regional and/or sectoral publications;
  • Posting of posters in several locations throughout the whole national territory;
  • Dissemination through the regionalised structure of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Services of the Autonomous Regions of Madeira and Açores.

Please refer to the RA09 Communication Plan (only in PT) ©  Satistics Portugal

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