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Statistics Portugal´s dissemination policy is clearly users-oriented and assigns great importance to meeting customer needs and expectations. Wide and easy access to Statistics Portugal’s information is a priority, as well as improving the quality of the service provided. Transparency, which must underlie the production and dissemination of official statistics, is also based on a revisions policy.
Data dissemination
Statistics Portugal offers its customers several means and services to access information:
- Internet
On the Statistics Portugal website you can:

  • Browse and download a significant volume of information, free of charge;
  • Have access to other services, such as content subscription and submission of requests for information not available online;
  • To look up the Publications area which allows access to all editions from Statistics Portugal and former entities.
- Statistics Portugal Library
- Consult the Bibliographic Catalogue which gathers statistical publications from national and international entities.
- In Statistics Portugal libraries - Porto, Coimbra, Lisboa, Évora and Faro - users have access to all publications, as well as to OECD iLibrary and also to the official statistics websites across the world.
- Statistics Portugal Information Network for Higher Education Institutions
Statistics Portugal (SP) provides a free service to all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in order to facilitate and increase the access and the use of official statistical information, which has the following aspects:
  • Offer of SP´s publications (in paper);
  • Training on the use of the SP´s Portal and Eurostat´s Portal for teachers, students, researchers and technical assistants of the HEI's documentation / library services.
To benefit from these services, HEIs should only request them from SP. There is no need to formalize this type of collaboration.