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Fertility survey - 2013
Issue year: 2014

The Fertility Survey 2013 publication presents a comprehensive analysis of the results from the Fertility Survey, conducted between January and April 2013, in a partnership between Statistics Portugal and the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation.

The Fertility Survey publication is divided into three parts. The first part analyses fertility throughout the last decades; in the second part the main results from the fertility survey are presented and explained, regarding aspects related to present and past family contexts, the entering into partnership relationships and parenthood, practices and attitudes towards family life, fertility and parenthood, and opinions concerning political measures  to improve fertility; and the third part presents a critical approach to the measures concerning fertility and its characteristics in Portugal.

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Instituto Nacional de Estatística ; Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos - Inquérito à Fecundidade : 2013. Lisboa : INE, 2014. Available at www: <url:>. ISBN 978-989-25-0270-0