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Study on the Local Purchasing Power - 2004
Issue year: 2005

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This publication characterises the 308 Portuguese municipalities from a purchasing power perspective, based on a set of indicators obtained from a group of 20 variables by resorting to a factor analysis model. This study presents three indicators: Per capita indicator; Percentage of purchasing power; Relative dynamics factor. The advantage of these indicators is that they constitute information at municipality level, which is the territorial unit for which there is scarcity of available statistical information. This publication contains a CD-ROM which, in addition to the main tables included in the hard-copy publication, contains index figures for other geographical breakdowns, such as districts and agrarian regions, and enables the calculation of the value of the three indicators and the resident population, for any grouping or municipality. The CD-ROM allows for the user-friendly export of data to several worksheets, enabling data to be freely treated and crossed with information from other sources or nature.

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