A set of indicators, also available in the Database, but organized in the themes, such as: Territory, Gender and Structural indicators

Portugal 2020 Indicator System

The indicator system for the evaluation and monitoring of Portugal 2020 is an analytical tool aimed at monitoring the implementation of the European Structural and Investment Funds for the 2014-2020 programming cycle. Result indicators measure the progress achieved towards the prioritized areas of investment defined for a specific universe, by taking into account the target established and agreed with the European Commission. Context indicators provide social, economic, environmental and territorial relevant information for the monitoring of regional dynamics that characterize Portugal 2020 context of implementation. The indicator system is organized by themes according to the thematic areas defined in the Partnership Agreement (Portugal 2020) between Portugal and the European Commission, approved in July 2014... View More

Sustainable Development Goals

Resolution A/RES/70/1 Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted at the United Nations (UN) Summit on Sustainable Development held in New York on 26-27 September 2015. This Agenda 2030 is an action plan for people, for the planet and for prosperity, and establishes a set of 17 goals - the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) - and 169 targets to be achieved by all countries by 2030. To monitor the progress of the SDG, the 47th session of the UN Statistical Commission (UNSC) agreed on a set of 241 indicators, in 2016, to which the 48th UNSC made some adjustments in March 2017. In this thematic file (still under development) the information already available for some of these indicators is released. Currently, some of them may be provisional and proxies. View More


The territorial profile is a focal point of access to territorial statistics and supports the understanding of how the Portuguese territory is structured. This project aims at meeting the growing need for this type of information, due to the increasingly more relevant role that territorial development policies play in the national and European political agenda. The territorial profile is organised into three themes: indicator systems, territorial units and reference documents. ... View More


The gender works as a central access point for important statistical information, considering the growing importance in questions around gender and equality in the sustainable development process, as well as the need to accompany the implementation of a set of applications and strategic instruments...View More

Indicators Europe 2020

The Europe 2020 strategy designed as the successor to the Lisbon strategy, adopted by the European Council on 17 June 2010 is the EU's common agenda for the next decade. It puts emphasis on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth that can overcome the structural weaknesses in Europe's economy, improve its competitiveness and productivity and underpin a sustainable social market economy... View More

The Well-Being Index

The purposes of the WBI are to regularly provide results to monitor the evolution of well-being and social progress in two instrumental aspects ¿ material living conditions of households and quality of life. This index provides breakdowns into ten domains: economic well-being; economic vulnerability; labour and earnings; health; work-life balance; education; knowledge and skills; social...View More


The seven Regional Statistical Yearbooks (one for each NUTS 2 region) are composed by 26 subchapters organized in four main chapters: Territory, People, Economic Activity and State. In order to provide an easy access to the overall regional data, the tables of the Regional Yearbooks (2016 edition) were brought ...View More

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