The Sustainable Development Indicators (SDI) are a tool for monitoring the National Strategy for Sustainable Development (ENDS 2005-2015 / Council of Ministers Resolution No. 109/2007). These indicators (80) are intended to evaluate the progress of Portugal concerning sustainable development in terms of the objectives and targets set in the strategy. They are classified into seven strategic objectives and ranked on three levels. The indicators’ framework is a contract signed with Eurostat to develop a set of indicators to monitor the National Strategy for Sustainable Development.

  Strategic Objectives     Strategic Priorities
1. Knowledge society     Education and training
    Quality improvement / higher education
    Life-long learning
    Scientific and technological development
    Cultural development
2. Growth, competitiveness and energy efficiency     Competitiveness and employment
    Development of Information and Communication Technologies - ICT
    Business innovation
    Development and eco-efficiency
3. Environment and natural heritage     Climate change
    Management of water bodies
    Integrated air management
    Integrated waste management
4. Equity and social cohesion     Equity and financial sustainability of Social Security systems
Labour market and social integration
5. Territorial development and international connectivity     Urban attraction
    Regional development
    International connectivity
6. Active participation in international cooperation     Financial cooperation for world's sustainable development
    Globalization of trade
7. Efficient general government     Openness and modernization of general government

Contextual indicators
General government consolidated gross debt and general government net borrowing (-)/net lending (+)
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