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80% of internet users participate in social networks
Information and knowledge society - household survey
80% of internet users participate in social networks - 2019
21 November 2019


In 2019, 80.9% of households in Portugal have internet access at home (1.5 percentage points (pp) more than in 2018), and this access is more frequent in households with children up to 15 years old (94.5% ) than for those without children (73.2%). In 78.0% of households, the connection to the internet is performed via broadband.
In the same year, 76.2% of the resident population aged 16 to 74 is internet user, especially students (99.6%) and people who have completed secondary (96.9%) and tertiary education (98.7%). The proportion of internet users in the country continues to increase, but the distance from the EU-28 average is maintained (minus 12 pp in 2018). Nevertheless, 4/5 of users participate in social networks, a value that is higher than the EU-28 average (close to 2/3).
Mobile internet access (away from home and from the workplace and in portable equipment), with a level identical to the European average since 2016, maintains a strong upward trend in 2019 (84.1%, i.e. 3.2 pp more than in the previous year).
The proportion of residents aged 16 to 74 in Portugal using e-commerce also increased in 2019 to 38.7%, 2 pp more than in 2018.
Almost half of users limited their internet activities, such as the purchase of products or services, internet banking or the ones implying the provision of personal data, due to security concerns, and 27.6% faced security incidents in the 12 months prior to the interview, mainly related to phishing (18.2%) and pharming (14.9%).

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