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Life expectancy was 80.78 years at birth and 19.45 years at age 65
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Life expectancy was 80.78 years at birth and 19.45 years at age 65 - 2015 - 2017
29 May 2018


Life expectancy at birth for both males and females was estimated at 80.78 years. In 2015-2017, men and women could expect on average to live up to 77.74 years and 83.41 years of age, respectively, which, compared with 2014-2016, represents an increase of 1.6 months for men and 1 month for women.
Within a decade, there was a gain of 2.28 years of life for the total population, 2.56 years for men and 1.78 years for women. This increase in female life expectancy at birth resulted mainly from a reduction in mortality at 60 and over years of age. For men these gains continue to be mainly due to the improvement of mortality below 60 years, in spite of the increasing contribution of the reduction in mortality at more advanced ages.
Life expectancy at age 65 attained 19.45 years for the total population. A man aged 65 years could expect to live on average another 17.55 years, and a woman aged 65 another 20.81 years, which represents a gain of 1.39 years and 1.26 years, respectively, in the last ten years.

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