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Employment and more education ensure more income
Income and Living Conditions
Employment and more education ensure more income - 2015
13 May 2016


Among the 20% of the resident population with the highest incomes in 2014 (disposable income above 1 110 euro per month), 57.5 % had achieved a higher education level and 26.2% was employed. More than 50% of the population that had completed the secondary education was included in the two highest income classes.
On the contrary, almost half of the population that at most had completed primary education and more than 60 % of the unemployed lived in 2014 with an equivalent income of less than about 610 euro per month.
The percentage of children was higher among the 20% of the population with lower incomes. Gender inequality was greater for lower income and higher income classes, to the detriment of women in both cases.

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