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REVSTAT - Statistical Journal - Volume 12, Nr. 3
REVSTAT - Statistical Journal
REVSTAT - Statistical Journal - Volume 12, Nr. 3
23 December 2014


This Volume of REVSTAT, Volume 12 Number 3 November 2014, includes five articles:
Limit Theory for Joint Generalized Order Statistics
Authors: H.M. Barakat, E.M. Nigm and M.A. Abd Elgawad
On the Impact of Falsely Assuming I.I.D. Output in the Probability of Misleading Signals
Authors: Manuel Cabral Morais, Patrícia Ferreira Ramos, António Pacheco and Wolfgang Schmid.
A Reparameterized Birnbaum–Saunders Distribution and its Moments, Estimation and Applications
Authors: Manoel Santos-Neto, Francisco José A. Cysneiros, Víctor Leiva and Michelli Barros.
The k Nearest Neighbors Estimation of the Conditional Hazard Function for Functional Data
Authors: Mohammed Kadi Attouch and Fatima Zohra Belabed.
Port-Estimation of a Shape Second-Order Parameter
Authors: Lígia Henriques-Rodrigues, M. Ivette Gomes, M. Isabel Fraga Alves and Cláudia Neves.

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