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Sport in numbers - 2023
Statistics Portugal releases the 4th edition of Sport in Numbers 2023, which includes information for a set of indicators regarding sports in Portugal. This edition includes the results of sports participation in 2022, related the practice of sports activity and of physical exercise, and on the ...

Issue year: 2024

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Culture statistics - 2022
In the publication Culture statistics - 2022 is disclosed statistical information on the cultural and creative sector: education, employment, consumer price index on cultural goods and services, enterprises of the cultural and creative sector, international trade on cultural goods, cultural ...

Issue year: 2023

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Geographical Level
Zoological, botanic gardens and aquariums (No.); Annual 31-05-2024 Portugal
Cinema occupancy rate (2006 methodology - %) by Geographic localization (NUTS - 2024 - NUTS III); Annual 31-05-2024 NUTS III
Cinema precincts (No.); Annual 31-05-2024 Portugal
Cinema screens (No.); Annual 31-05-2024 Portugal
Cinema sessions (No.); Annual 31-05-2024 Portugal