The Workshop is focused on the research, issues, and experiences with activities associated with collecting data from and about businesses in particular and organizations in general. Topics of the workshop cover a broad range of issues, for example:

● Survey issues, such as instrument development and design, collection methods and modes, mixed-mode designs, contact strategies, respondent communication plans and activities, quality issues and total survey errors, use of paradata in business surveys, internal response processes in businesses, response burden, etc.

● The collection of secondary data sources and big data (e.g. sensor data, GPS data), and quality issues of these data sources.

● New ways and modes of data collection, such as smartphones and tablets, Standard Business Reporting (SBR), XML, XBRL, etc.

● Combining Data from Different Sources and Modes, and the consequences for the production of statistics.

The Workshop is an informal and interactive setting to exchange information and learn from each other. Discussion of successes, partial successes, and pitfalls is encouraged. Description of research in progress is welcome, as are emerging issues, hands-on experience, and missteps. Workshop participants traditionally write a brief background paper which will be distributed to all participants prior to the Workshop. At the meeting, participants make a short, 15-minutes presentation, concluding with discussion questions for the group to consider and respond to. A 15-minutes period of discussion follows each presentation.

We are seeking participants from a wide variety of national statistical institutes, universities, non-profit organizations, and for-profit companies. Participation is limited to 50 people, with no more than 2 individuals per organization, to encourage broad international participation. Participation is free of charge.

If you are interested in attending the Workshop, please send a one-page abstract to Almiro Moreira ( by 20 March 2018. All abstract submitters will be notified of their status by mid-April.

Workshop Program Committee:
Ger Snijkers (Statistics Netherlands), Mojca Bavdaž (University of Ljubljana), Gustav Haraldsen (Statistics Norway) and Diane K. Willimack (U.S. Census Bureau)

Workshop Organizing Committee:
Almiro Moreira, Paulo Saraiva and Cristina Neves (Statistics Portugal)

All information available at the official website: