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 Conference Venue

Statistics Portugal - INE
Head Office

Address: António José de Almeida Avenue
1000-043 Lisboa – Portugal
Telephone: + 351-218 426 100

Conference Room: Salão Nobre (Great Hall)

Statistics Portugal Head Office was classified as a monument of public interest in April 2013.This classification reflected the official criteria, which pertain namely to the character of the “good”, its aesthetic value and architectural design, technical and intrinsic materials.

The building was designed by the architect P. Pardal Monteiro and inaugurated in 1935. It was one of the first public buildings designed expressly to meet a specific purpose: to install the newly created National Statistics Institute – INE.

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INE Head Office is considered one of the most important examples of the so called “Estado Novo” Portuguese style, and combines classicism – inspired by Art Deco and Viennese Secession – with modernity.

Two high reliefs by the Sculptor Leopoldo de Almeida adorn the main façade. One alludes to agriculture and demography and the other to trade and industry.

Inside, stands out a stained glass window painted by Abel Manta whose central theme is the homeland – a multiracial society - surrounded by the national activities. In the centre stands the Fatherland´s figure and a card, written in Latin – "Ad divitias per scientiam numerorum" – whose message remains updated: “to prosper, by knowing the numbers”.

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