Monthly Statistical Bulletin, August 2022

2022 Edition 30 Compared to June 2021: • The largest increases in total earnings were observed: » In the Electricity, gas, steam, cold and hot water, and cold air activities (section D of CAE): 21.2%; » In enterprises with 1 to 4 employees: 6.5%; » In High-technology services enterprises: 6.1%; » In the private sector: 4.4%; • There were no negative rates of change in total earnings; • The smallest year-on-year rates of change in total earnings were observed: » In the activities of Public administration and defence; compulsory social security (section O of CAE): 0.1%; » In enterprises with 250 to 499 employees: 0.1%; » In Other knowledge-intensive services enterprises: 1.3%; » In the General Government sector: 1.4%. The results presented refer to about 4.4 million jobs, corresponding to beneficiaries of Social Security and subscribers to Caixa Geral de Aposentações. More information is available at: Gross monthly earnings per employee – 2nd quarter of 2022 11 August 2022