Monthly Statistical Bulletin, August 2022

2022 Edition 18 MONTHLY STATISTICAL BULLETIN The population living in accommodation with lack of space has increased In 2021, in Portugal1: • About one in ten (10.6%) people lived in dwellings in which the number of habitable rooms (≥ 4 m2) was insufficient for the number and demographic profile of household members; This proportion was higher than in the previous three years: 9.6% in 2018, 9.5% in 2019, and 9.0% in 2020; • The percentage of people living in overcrowded conditions increased in most NUTS II regions in the country; Algarve (-2.5 p.p.) and Região Autónoma dos Açores (-2.8 p.p.) were the exceptions; The most significant increases were registered in the regions Norte (+2.4 p.p.), Centro (+2.1 p.p.), and Área Metropolitana de Lisboa (+1.4 p.p.); Overcrowding rate, NUTS II, 2020-2021 0 4 8 12 16 20 Portugal Norte Centro A.M. Lisboa Alentejo Algarve R.A. Açores R.A. Madeira (%) 2020 2021 • Living in overcrowded accommodation was a condition that mainly affected the following: » Families at risk of poverty: 18.8%, compared to 8.7% concerning the rest of the population; » Families living in densely populated areas: 13.2%; » The youngest individuals: 17.5% for the age group up to 17 years (compared to 10.9% for adults and 4.4% for the elderly). 1Information was collected from the Survey on Income and Living Conditions.