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 Persons with 18 and more years old who participated in adult education and training courses (No.)
Characteristic Description
Name Persons with 18 and more years old who participated in adult education and training courses (No.) by Geographic localization (NUTS - 2024) and Education level; Annual
Regularity Annual
Source Directorate-General for Education and Science Statistics
First available period 2014 / 2015
Last available period 2021 / 2022
  • Data reference period
  • Geographic localization (NUTS - 2024)
  • Education level
  • REFERENCE PERIOD:  The length of time for which data are collected, e.g. a specific day, month or year.
  • ADULT EDUCATION AND TRAINING COURSE:  Integrated education and training with school and vocational certification for employed or unemployed people aged 18 and over, without any vocational qualifications, who has not completed the compulsory education, registered in the public employment offices, or indicated by other entities, as enterprises, ministries, trade unions and others. They award a school certificate for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles of compulsory education and a level 1 or 2 vocational qualification.
  • EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION:  Organizational unit that provides one or more education and training offers.
  • LIFELONG LEARNING:  This includes all intentional learning activities undertaken during a person's life in formal, non-formal or informal contexts, with the purpose of acquiring, developing or improving knowledge, skills and competences from a personal, civic, social and/or occupational point of view.
  • LEVEL OF EDUCATION:  Level of the education and training system which is structured according to the progression, complexity and specialization of learning, corresponding to each of the following stages: primary education, secondary education, post-secondary non-tertiary education and tertiary education.
Measure unit (symbol) Number (No.)
Power of 10  0
Last update date 21/02/2024

information presented in 15/4/2024