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 Savings on primary energy of public transports (%)
Characteristic Description
Name Savings on primary energy of public transports (%); Annual
Regularity Annual
Source DGEG, Statistics on coal, oil, electric power and natural gas
First available period 2012
Last available period 2022
  • Data reference period
  • Geographic localization (Portugal)
  • REFERENCE PERIOD:  Period to which the information refers and which may be a specific day or a time interval (month, fiscal year, calendar year, among others).
  • PRIMARY ENERGY:  Energy that can be used directly or that will be transformed, including the energy used in the transformation processes and the inherent losses in those processes.
  • TONNE OF OIL EQUIVALENT:  Measurement unit of energy: 1 toe = 10^7 kcal
  • REGULAR PUBLIC PASSENGER TRANSPORT:  Transport service with the following characteristics: a) allows access to the entire population; b) has predefined schedules, frequencies and periods of operation; c) has fixed routes and stops and defined origins, destinations and areas of operation; d) operates continuously; e) has published tariffs; f) is made public.

Sum(Annual savings by public passenger transport companies)/ 11209 ktep 

Measure unit (symbol) Percentage (%)
Power of 10  0
Last update date 07/05/2024

information presented in 17/7/2024