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 Gross domestic product at prices chained volume levels (B.1*g) (Base 2016 - €)
Characteristic Description
Name Gross domestic product at prices chained volume levels (B.1*g) (Base 2016 - €) by Geographic localization; Quarterly
Regularity Quarterly
Source Statistics Portugal, Quarterly national accounts
First available period 1st Quarter 1995
Last available period 2nd Quarter 2022
  • Data reference period (Quarter)
  • Geographic localization
  • REFERENCE PERIOD:  The length of time for which data are collected, e.g. a specific day, month or year.
  • TERRITÓRIO ECONÓMICO:  Por território económico entende-se: a) o território geográfico administrado por um Estado no interior do qual pessoas, bens, serviços e capital circulam livremente; b) as zonas francas, incluindo entrepostos e fábricas sob controlo aduaneiro; c) o espaço aéreo nacional, as águas territoriais e a plataforma continental situada em águas internacionais em relação à qual o país dispõe de direitos exclusivos; d) os enclaves territoriais, i.e., territórios geográficos situados no resto do mundo e utilizados, em virtude de tratados internacionais ou de acordos entre Estados, por administrações públicas do país (embaixadas, consulados, bases militares, bases científicas, etc.); e) os jazigos mineiros (petróleo, gás natural, etc.) situados em águas internacionais fora da plataforma continental do país, explorados por unidades residentes no território.
  • GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT AT MARKET PRICES (GDPmp):  Gross domestic product at market prices is the final result of the production activity of resident producer units. It can be defined in three ways: 1) GDPmp is the sum of gross value added of the various institutional sectors or the various industries plus taxes and less subsidies on products (which are not allocated to sectors and industries). It is also the balancing item in the total economy production account; 2) GDPmp is the sum of final uses of goods and services by resident institutional units (actual final consumption and gross capital formation), plus exports and minus imports of goods and services; 3) GDP is the sum of uses in the total economy generation of income account (compensation of employees, taxes on production and imports less subsidies, gross operating surplus and mixed income of the total economy). By deducting consumption of fixed capital from GDP, we obtain net domestic product at market prices (NDPmp).
Measure unit (symbol) Euro (€)
Power of 10  6
Observations Base 2016; Seasonally and calendar effects adjusted data; Chain-linked volume data (reference year=2016).
Last update date 23/09/2022

information presented in 2/10/2022