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 New lease agreements of dwellings in the last 12 months
Characteristic Description
Name New lease agreements of dwellings in the last 12 months by Geographic localization (NUTS - 2013); Semi-annual
Regularity Semi-annual
Source Statistics Portugal, House rental statistics at local level
First available period 2nd Semi-annual 2017
Last available period 2nd Semi-annual 2019
  • Data reference period (Semester)
  • Geographic localization (NUTS - 2013)
  • URBAN LEASE CONTRACT:  Agreement by which one of party grants to the other the temporary enjoyment of an urban building, in whole or in part, throug payment.
  • GROSS PRIVATE AREA:  Total surface area measured by the outer perimeter and axes of the walls or other elements separating the building or part, including private enclosed balconies, private cellars and attics with the same use as the building or fraction.
  • DWELLING:  Separate and independent place which, by the way it was built, rebuilt, enlarged, transformed or is being used, is intended for housing with the condition that it is not being used for other purposes at the time of reference: by separate it is meant that it is surrounded by conventional walls or other type, is covered and allows a person or group of persons to sleep, prepare meals or shelter from the weather separately from other members of the community; by independent it is meant that its occupants do not have to cross other accommodations to enter or leave the accommodation where they live.
  • REFERENCE PERIOD:  The length of time for which data are collected, e.g. a specific day, month or year.
Formule Number of new lease agreements dwellings for the reference period.
Measure unit (symbol) Number (No.)
Power of 10  0
Observations The Number of new lease agreements of dwellings corresponds to the counting of first declarations of new lease agreements of family dwellings (Statement of Stamp Duty Model 2 - Communication of lease agreements) for urban buildings, with a monthly rent period, for which the purpose is permanent housing and the associated information from the Municipal Property Tax is defined as "Housing" , with a gross dwelling area between 20 m2 and 600 m2 and with a rent value between 100 € and 4 000 €.
Last update date 26/03/2020

information presented in 13/7/2020