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 Transactions (No.) of housing units
Characteristic Description
Name Transactions (No.) of housing units by Geographic localization (NUTS - 2013), Category of housing unit, Tax residence of the purchaser and Institutional sector of the purchaser; Quarterly
Regularity Quarterly
Source Statistics Portugal, Housing price index
First available period 1st Quarter 2009
Last available period 2nd Quarter 2022
  • Data reference period (Quarter)
  • Geographic localization (NUTS - 2013)
  • Category of housing unit
  • Tax residence of the purchaser
  • Institutional sector of the purchaser
  • INSTITUTIONAL SECTOR:  Institutional units with a similar type of economic behaviour are grouped into institutional sectors. Institutional units are classified in sectors on the basis of the type of producer they are and depending on their primary activity and function, which are considered indicative of the units' economic behaviour. A sector is divided into sub-sectors according to its own criteria, which makes for a more accurate description of the units' economic behaviour. Each institutional unit belongs to a single sector or sub-sector.
  • REFERENCE PERIOD:  The length of time for which data are collected, e.g. a specific day, month or year.
  • HOUSEHOLD DWELLING:  Dwelling that is normally intended to accommodate only one family, on the condition that it is not being used for other purposes at the period of reference.
  • TRANSAÇÃO:  Operação pela qual se transfere a posse de um bem mediante uma contrapartida.
Formule NTRANSj=sum_(i=1)^(n) NTRANSij
NTRANSij, Number of transactions of dwelling i in quarter j
Measure unit (symbol) Number (No.)
Power of 10  0
Last update date 22/09/2022

information presented in 2/10/2022