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 Crude divorce rate (‰)
Characteristic Description
Name Crude divorce rate (‰) by Place of residence (NUTS - 2013); Annual
Regularity Annual
Source Statistics Portugal, Demographic indicators
First available period 2011
Last available period 2016
  • Data reference period
  • Place of residence (NUTS - 2013)
  • REFERENCE PERIOD:  The length of time for which data are collected, e.g. a specific day, month or year.
  • AVERAGE POPULATION:  The average population during a calendar year, generally calculated as the arithmetic mean of the population on two consecutive years.
  • GROSS DIVORCE RATE:  The number of divorces in a certain period, normally a calendar year, in relation to the average population in this period (usually expressed as the number of divorces per 1,000 (10^3) inhabitants).
Formule CDR=[D(t-1, t)/[P(t)+P(t-1)]/2]*10^n;

P(t)=Population at moment t;
P(t-1)=Population at moment (t-1);
D(t-1,t)=Divorces between the moments (t-1) e t;
n=2 ou 3
Measure unit (symbol) Permillage (‰)
Power of 10  0
Last update date 15/09/2017

information presented in 20/6/2018