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 Evaluation of the production over the last 3 months (Balance of extreme answers) for manufacturing industry
Characteristic Description
Name Evaluation of the production over the last 3 months (Balance of extreme answers) for manufacturing industry by Type of goods ; Monthly
Regularity Monthly
Source Statistics Portugal, Short-term statistics on business - industry survey
First available period January 1987
Last available period July 2022
  • Data reference period (Month)
  • Geographic localization
  • Type of goods
  • REFERENCE PERIOD:  The length of time for which data are collected, e.g. a specific day, month or year.
  • OUTPUT:  Output consists of the products created during the accounting period. Particular cases included are: a) the goods and services which one local kind-of-activity unit (KAU) provides to a different local KAU belonging to the same institutional unit; b) the goods which are produced by a local KAU and remain in inventories at the end of the period in which they are produced, whatever their subsequent use.
  • ENTERPRISE:  Legal entity (natural or legal person) that is an organisational unit producing goods or services, which benefits from a certain degree of autonomy in decision-making, especially for the allocation of its current resources. An enterprise carries out one or more activities at one or more locations.
Definition Difference between the share of positive evaluation responses (¿increased¿, ¿improved very much¿, ¿above average¿, ¿good¿, ¿yes, for sure¿, etc.) and negative evaluation responses (¿decreased¿, ¿worsened somewhat¿, ¿very unfavourable¿, ¿probably not¿, etc.). These calculations do not include the share of neutral responses (¿perhaps¿, ¿the same¿, etc.) and ¿doesn¿t know¿.
Formule %resp. (+) - %resp. (-)
Measure unit (symbol) Percentage (%)
Power of 10  0
Observations AV ¿ Actual value (Gross value)
Last update date 30/07/2022

information presented in 9/8/2022